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We've put together a group of average, randomly selected people to perform a "Hard Proof" Competition.

Each competitior was given a trading account with $1,000 to trade strictly following DBP's signals during 7 weeks, with the condition that they will record some trades and their experience in the competition.

Following are the outstanding results and recorded proof:
All beta-testers had profitable results: from 138% up to 604% Net Profit!
Even lazy users with low performance (as Susan), can Double Their Money.
Trading exprience is not a factor. DBPv7 takes all strategic decisions for you.
Profits are seen immediately. In just 14 days you'll see Solid Profits in Your Account.
There’s no need to invest more than 30 minutes per day to get results as seen above.
The true benefit is in the flexibility of the software... use it for either short or long term trades, spread risk
and benefit from steady profits, whichever method you choose!
Real time updates on previous trades are undeniable proof of our success rate. Be secure in the knowledge that you can profit over $100 with minimum effort, every single day.
Go for short term and capitalise on the quick 60 second trading options. Lucrative and quick fire results you don’t need to hang around by your computer screen wondering what might, or might not happen to market trends over the next few days and weeks.
Invest in long term trades as well, because it’s a simple fact, well­known by experienced traders ­long term options have a much higher overall success rate. Simply, spreading your portfolio creates a solid trading platform.
You receive on average 120 signals per day, this provides you with MORE THAN enough trades to profit from, for only 20 to 40 minutes of your time you can generate a decent income... and if you have more time, you can profit more.
The possibilities are endless and the multi­-dimensional options are unequalled by any other product in the binary market right now…..
Here’s a selection of screenshots of how DBPv7 looks and how our developers could take it to a so simple and minimalist interface, getting rid of complicated or “too technical” features, giving you a complete yet simple
1. Multiple LIVE Signals displayed,
    Ready To Use!
  2. Detail per Signal, including
    LIVE Trading Chart
3. Sound and Popup Alerts
    showing up non-stop
  4. DBPv7 In Action, generating profit
5. Signals converted into money (in ONE day)    
Here you’ll find our daily live proof trading videos. We’ve recorded LIVE trading sessions each day using our easy to use DBPv7 interface and the results are stunning! Watch the training videos and unlock important tips and insight that will help evolve your understanding of how to maximise your DBPv7 profits.
IMPORTANT: The DBPv7 software generates around 120 signals per day but we only show a few trades daily - they're here to show you that you can easily make $100's each and every day using the software for just 15 minutes.
May 05th, 2015
Asset: EUR/USD
Timeframe: 60 sec.
Profit: $70.00
Asset: USD/JPY
Timeframe: 30 sec.
Profit: $27.50
May 04th, 2015
Asset: GBP/JPY
Timeframe: 60 sec.
Profit: $67.00
May 01st, 2015
Asset: EUR/GBP
Timeframe: 60 sec.
Profit: $68.00
Asset: USD/JPY
Timeframe: 30 sec.
Profit: $27.50
April 30th, 2015
Asset: EUR/JPY
Timeframe: 60 sec.
Profit: $70.00
Asset: EUR/USD
Timeframe: 30 sec.
Profit: $27.50
April 29th, 2015
Asset: EUR/GBP
Timeframe: 60 sec.
Profit: $170.00
Asset: USD/JPY
Timeframe: 120 sec.
Profit: $175.00
Asset: USD/CHF
Timeframe: 30 sec.
Profit: $27.50
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DBP v7 It’s perfect, for both short and long term trades... long term trades are predicted with greater accuracy producing higher returns on investment. Short term trades for 60 seconds, or 2 or 3 minutes are also highly effective and generate quick income.
Low risk trading mechanism... Build a solid and steady income – this tool was designed specifically to trade small amounts per trade and still returns great profits. This minimises the risk to you.
Plug-n-play system... this is a desktop application and it works as soon as you download and install (the entire process takes less than 2 minutes: download, enter user/pwd). No setup process, no specifications to adjust, nothing... it's a true, genuine, plug- n-' play.
91% Rate Success Prediction Monitor... ensures that every time, with each new alert, you can be confident
enough to place a trade, knowing the probability of success is very high. This key benefit of DBPv7 increases 
the success rate dramatically.
User Friendly interface with clear instructions to follow, visual icons to help recognize what the next action to take is, simplified charting to avoid misunderstanding, perfect explanation of every signal, pop­up and sound alerts so you will never miss a valuable trade.
  If you don't make $1,500 in profits within the first 45 days, we’ll give you personal training until you reach your profit goals.  
But we're certain you'll make way more
than $1,500 in 45 days, $1,500 is at least what we expect you to make within 14 to 21 days using DBPv7 conservatively!
Generates Solid, Reliable Profits Every Day
With DBP’s simple trading techniques you benefit from a steady stream of profits, every single day. With a low initial investment of maybe $5 or $10, your profits will be around $237 per day, all this for only 30 minutes of your time each day.
You'll get DPB's Lifetime License PLUS Free Upgrades
No credit card or paypal account details required, DBPv7 is FREE. There’s no trial period and no monthly subscription fees – you get full access to the software, no strings attached. All future upgrades to the software are included - it makes simple economic sense to download it, there’s nothing to lose!
Unbeatable, Real Time Proof
Don't trust what we saw. Watch real-time trades performed in front of your eyes into our members area. Just sign up (for free) and you'll get access to our DBP's Members Area. Not just you'll see how profitable BDP is, but you will also get useful trading tips to help you improve your own trading skills.
Simple and Friendly User Interface
State-of-the-Art technology provides a simplified user interface – you get the information you need, when you need it. No delays here, you can place a trade within 30 seconds. With more than 120 pin point accurate signal alerts, guaranteed per day, decide which ones to trade and trade as many as you want... it’s entirely up to you!
No Trading Experience Required
If you know how to start your computer, you are qualified. Anyone can use DBP - with or without trading experience, there’s no difference at all. And we have definite proof; this is a fact. We tested the theory in our AVERAGE USERS COMPETITION. The best performer Terry K. created profits of $6042.55 with NO EXPERIENCE!
Flexible Trading: Leverage Short and Long Term Options
The most flexible, multifunctional, binary trading software around. Benefit from 80%+ accuracy on both long and short term trading options. Short term is great for regular and immediate income – long term trades are highly accurate and generate a better return.
24/7 Premium Customer Care
You get Premium Customer Care from our dedicated and qualified support team, who will guide you through every stage of the process to make sure you trade with confidence and know how to increase your profits as much as possible. We offer a world class binary options training service through our support team if needed (and it’s Free as well!)
"Our R&D team are working round the clock on upgrades to the software right now, so you'll always have an updated version with new features and tools that will offer  more accuracy to your daily trading experience."
  Exclusive Offer: Download DBPv7 & Grab a 90 Day Trial to DBP ROBOT worth $997!!!  
Over 120 Daily Signals
Over 87% Success Accuracy
Short Term Signals for Quick Profits
Long Term Signals for High Accuracy
Real Time Alerting
Premium Customer Support
It’s Free!