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Counting with an in-house support team gives us a strategic advantage in front of other offers, being able to be in constant contact with all users make sure they are happy and answering every single inquiry, right on time.
Note: The support team has experience in Binary Options, is not new and was not built today for this launch, so you can definitely rely on it.
4. Welcome-Call Team
At the moment a user registers, they'll be contacted by one of our Welcome-Call agents, who will guide the user through the process and make sure they fund their account, and secure your commissions and high EPC.
Note: The Welcome Team is a separate team focused just on recruiting your hot leads.
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Second Tier
Earn extra 10% from affiliates you refer to us. We'll be glad to share with you part of our success!
Additional (paid) Features after 45 Days
Aftre 45 days using DBPv7, our support team will contact customers to encourage them to upgrade their service to an enhanced trading software, offering extra benefits. You'll get 50% of every sale of $197
Extra CPA
All buyers of upgraded version will get extra benefits including exclusive bonuses on new broker, and you will get CPA once again!
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